Customer-Centric Retail Design

07:40 - 08:25 Continental breakfast and registration in the Innovation Lab


Kristin Schoenstein

Event Director
Future Stores 2016

08:30 - 08:45 Chairperson’s Opening Address

Sanjeev Sularia, CEO & Co-founder,IntelligenceNODE

Sanjeev Sularia

CEO & Co-founder

08:45 - 09:05 KEYNOTE: How Culture, Random Acts Of Joy And The PIRCH Experience Drive NPS

Laith Murad, Chief Marketing Officer,PIRCH
In this keynote, I will address how the guest experience, at every interaction with people and product, improves the overall impression and engagement with the brand. A complimentary digital expression of PIRCH focused on extending the brick and-mortar experience and relationships furthers the brand engagement and advocacy.
Learning objectives:
  • Impact of culture and in-store interaction on time spent inside the showroom
  • How Random Acts of Joy drives advocacy and NPS
  • A complimentary digital experience keeps the focus on relationships not transactions

Laith Murad

Chief Marketing Officer

09:05 - 09:25 KEYNOTE: Leveraging Local Relevance And Craft To Rethink The Third Place

Bill Sleeth, VP, Store Design & Concepts, Americas,Starbucks
Bill will discuss how Starbucks is leveraging design and innovation to create immersive cafe experiences for customers who want a deeper connection to coffee yet still expect convenience and speed.
Using the Starbucks café experience as a case study, understand how to deepen engagement with customers by:
Understanding and leveraging local relevance
Elevating craft
Merging 4th place (digital) into the 3rd place (café)

Bill Sleeth

VP, Store Design & Concepts, Americas

09:25 - 09:45 KEYNOTE: How To Bring Your Merchandising Strategy Into The Omni-channel Age

Scott McGillivray, Chief Strategy Officer,iQmetrix
One of the central components of achieving a satisfactory level of
omnichannel success is addressing the issue of merchandising. According to Retail Systems Research’s (RSR) 2015 annual merchandising benchmark report, 44% of the retailers surveyed
identified managing the complexities of cross-channel merchandising as one of their top three challenges.

In this session, we will focus on:
  • Identifying the key challenges of omnichannel merchandising
  • Case study examples of which retailers are getting it right
  • Key solutions and strategies that can help retailers move forward
Find out how omnichannel merchandising strategies can provide
increased consistency, efficiency and convenience to build a successful cross-channel brand experience.

Scott McGillivray

Chief Strategy Officer

Customers are experiencing information overload as promotional
emails flood their inboxes and their mobile devices buzz with activity. As a retailer, what can you do to engage your customers and keep them engaged in a way that stands out from all the other “noise”?

Andrea Farris

VP, Director of Retail Systems and Operations


Dan Carlson

The Home Depot Inc.


Tallie Kawahara

Vice President of Stores, Soma
Chico's FAS Inc.


Chris Taylor

Founder & CEO
Square Root

10:25 - 11:05 Morning refreshment and networking break in the Innovation Lab

11:05 - 11:25 FIRESIDE CHAT: Straight From The Innovation Lab— The Benefits Of Building A Testing Ground For Your Stores

Kyle Nel, Executive Director, Lowe’s Innovation Labs,Lowes Home Improvement Micah Solomon, Author, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service, Customer Service Contributo,Micah Solomon
Hear how the Lowe’s Innovation Lab brings together uncommon partners to imagine the impossible and provide scalable solutions for seemingly intractable problems that consumers face day to day.

Kyle Nel

Executive Director, Lowe’s Innovation Labs
Lowes Home Improvement


Micah Solomon

Author, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service, Customer Service Contributo
Micah Solomon

11:25 - 11:45 KEYNOTE: Understanding Your Customers’ POV In Order To Launch Great Digital Experiences

Ben Gray, Senior Digital Experience Analyst,Applause
Today, simply having a good app or a good in-store experience is often insufficient. In today’s digital economy, your customers expect a great experience – one that remembers their unique traits and makes them happy - no matter where the engagement
occurs. Applause’s Ben Gray will discuss the importance of a holistic approach to quality across the entire customer journey, and explain how understanding the experience from your customers’ point-of-view can turn casual shoppers into raving fans and even evangelists of your brand.

Attendees will better understand:
  • The importance of your customers’ point-of-view
  • The available tools to listen to your customers
  • How app store reviews and social media have changed the definition of ‘brand quality.’

Ben Gray

Senior Digital Experience Analyst

11:45 - 12:05 KEYNOTE: Premium Retail Experience At BMW Group - From PoS to PoX

Michele Fuhs, Head of Future Retail - Premium Retail Experience,BMW Group
Michele will share BMW’s approach for changing BMW and MINI retail from “Points of Sale” to Points
of Experience”.

Hear the why, how and what of the approach and the psychology behind the project and the results so far.

Learning objectives:

It’s not astrophysics: retail experience is about psychology
Getting leadership backing for projects
Don’t forget the human touch


Michele Fuhs

Head of Future Retail - Premium Retail Experience
BMW Group

Ensuring that your online and in-store experiences are connected and seamless is a top priority for today's retailers. In this session hear how leading organizations are breaking down internal siloes and working together to improve the shopping experience across all touch points.


Kevin Swanwick

Senior Director, Retail Solutions
Manhattan Associates


Nikki Baird

Managing Partner
Retail System Research


Jeff Klein

Director, Omni-Channel Strategy & Capabilities

An invite-only lunch hosted by Jim Prewitt, VP, Solution Strategy, JDA Software Microsoft Retail featuring a presentation on, " The Perfect Storm Is Brewing For Retailers: 50% of Retailers Unprepared for Workforce Challenges"

Jim Prewitt

VP, Solution Strategy
JDA Software Microsoft Retail

Track A: Rethinking Associate Engagement & Education

13:45 - 13:55 Opening Remarks By The Track Chair Brad Marg, Chief Operating Officer,Clutch

Brad Marg

Chief Operating Officer

Track B: Capitalizing On The Experience Economy

13:45 - 13:55 Opening Remarks By The Track Chair Mike Tippets, Vice President Of Media Services And Solutions,Hughes Network Systems, LLC

Mike Tippets

Vice President Of Media Services And Solutions
Hughes Network Systems, LLC

Track A: Rethinking Associate Engagement & Education

13:55 - 14:25 CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Experiences As Engagement: Engineering Relevant, Meaningful And Memorable Employee Learning And Development Experiences Dean Marshall, Sr Director of Retail Operations EMEA,The LEGO Group
Dean oversees LEGO’s Europe-wide Brand Retail Operations, a red thread of retail stores running through UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. In this session, hear how Lego designs employee learning and development to elevate the in-store experience.
  • Making sense of learning and change in a creative economy
  • Use of practice, reflection and context in the design and management of employee experiences
  • Impact of social and workplace learning on flow, improvement and evolution of customer experiences

Dean Marshall

Sr Director of Retail Operations EMEA
The LEGO Group

Track B: Capitalizing On The Experience Economy

13:55 - 14:25 Case Study Revolution: Building Transparency Into Retail Alex Carleton, Creative Director,Filson
Alex Carleton, creative director at Filson, will discuss his thoughts on the resurgence of brick-and-mortar retail in an increasingly digital economy. As a heritage brand, why it’s important to draw from core strengths as you develop the future vision for retail. And, how to build experiences that are unique, memorable and create a brand destination.

Alex Carleton

Creative Director

Track A: Rethinking Associate Engagement & Education

14:25 - 14:45 PRESENTATION: The Age of Real-Time, ‘I-Want-it-Now’ Customers Brett Friedman, SVP of Global Sales & Marketing,Reflexis

Retailers spend significant time and money on planning to support the execution of their go-to market strategies such as promotions, product launches, etc. However, no matter how well a retailer has planned, when Managers unlock the door to open a store, “stuff” happens. Associates call out sick. Trucks are delayed. A surge of omnichannel orders arrive. The list of unexpected events that can negatively impact a great customer experience is endless.
Each of these unplanned events needs to be dealt with using best practices. Stores must respond in the moment, intelligently. Retailers require a single mobile-enabled interface that offers prioritized alerts and tells the right store associate exactly how to respond.
Brett Friedman, Senior Vice President at Reflexis will discuss:
•• How stores can view and respond to alerts from Workforce Management Systems, the Internet of Things, Weather Services, the Supply Chain, Order Management Systems, and more to improve labor productivity and deliver the best possible in-store shopping experience.
•• How managers and associates can efficiently respond to real-time customer demand and surprise events —following the retailer’s own best practice.
It’s easier than you think!


Brett Friedman

SVP of Global Sales & Marketing

Track B: Capitalizing On The Experience Economy

14:25 - 14:45 PRESENTATION: The Unfulfilled Promise Of The On-Demand Economy Gary Ambrosino, CEO,TimeTrade
Improvements in mobile technology have revolutionized retail by giving consumers the tools to ensure their immediate satisfaction– from any location. This rise of the “ondemand” economy is best represented by ride-sharing service Uber; customers are able
to get a ride whenever they need it, wherever they want it – all from the palm of their hand. The on-demand economy promises that consumers get the products they want when they want them (for a reasonable price), but it leaves one crucial promise unfulfilled: the personalized service and customized attention needed to create unparalleled retail experiences. The next steps will involve upleveling the offer of the basic on-demand economy to a more personalized, “concierge economy.”

Gary Ambrosino, CEO of TimeTrade, will expand on the unfulfilled promise of the on-demand economy and offer guidance on how retailers can push their business forward to truly deliver on-demand personalization.

He’ll discuss the approach and tools needed to take a business from simply delivering an on-demand experience to truly executing on the promise of the concierge economy – the ability to add personalization, attention, and unique experiences for each customer.

Gary Ambrosino


Track A: Rethinking Associate Engagement & Education

14:45 - 15:20 PANEL: Breaking Down Barriers To Associate-Customer Interaction Sachin Padwal, Sr. Director, Multichannel Strategy And Execution,Walmart Stores Inc. Ryan St. Mary, Director of Stores,GANT Global
New retail systems and technology can be a big win for the in-store experience, but how can you ensure that your associates aren’t so bogged down with these new tools and devices that they are not able to effectively engage with customers? How can you rethink associate training and education to encourage meaningful associate-customer interactions?

A diverse group of retailers will discuss:
  • How to analyze whether technology is enhancing or taking away from human interaction
  • How to adjust training methods and internal communication to improve associate engagement

Sachin Padwal

Sr. Director, Multichannel Strategy And Execution
Walmart Stores Inc.


Ryan St. Mary

Director of Stores
GANT Global

Track B: Capitalizing On The Experience Economy

14:45 - 15:20 PANEL: Transforming Your Store Into A Retail Destination Thomas Walsh, VP, Global Store Development,Under Armour Mike Barrow, Vice President Of Retail,Tommy Bahama Kurt Rachdorf, Sr Director of Retail Operation NA,LEGO
Customers are not just looking to shop when they come to your store—they are looking for an experience. They
are seeking out social, entertaining environments that will be meaningful and memorable. Panelists will talk
about out of the box ideas for engaging customers in-store and how their retail footprint has changed to accommodate today’s shopper.

Thomas Walsh

VP, Global Store Development
Under Armour


Mike Barrow

Vice President Of Retail
Tommy Bahama


Kurt Rachdorf

Sr Director of Retail Operation NA

15:20 - 15:55 Afternoon networking break in the Innovation Lab

Track A: Rethinking Associate Engagement & Education

15:55 - 16:15 PRESENTATION: Fostering Associate Adoption of Mobile Devices Carl Chang, Director, Retail Operations, Technology & Tools,Best Buy
Why is it difficult to drive adoption of mobile in a world where everyone is dependent on their mobile device?. This discussion will cover some lessons learned creating and implementing associate facing mobile tools.

Attendees will walk away with new ideas for:
  • Understanding barriers to associate adoption and how to overcome them

Carl Chang

Director, Retail Operations, Technology & Tools
Best Buy

Track B: Capitalizing On The Experience Economy

15:55 - 16:15 PRESENTATION: Havaianas Retail Concept: The Original Brazilian Flip Flops Since 1962 Rafael Rodas, Director, Retail & E-Commerce, Director of Operations,Alpargatas USA/ Havaianas
Our retail concept combines elements of design and technology to address the challenges of introducing the premier brand of Brazilian rubber flip flops in context. The Havaianas retail environment evokes the traditional open-air markets where our brand started its journey to become a global icon of Brazilian culture

Attendees will leave this session knowing:
  • The importance of preserving your brand DNA
  • Leveraging design and technology to convey your brand’s story
  • People and product at the core of your retail experience

Rafael Rodas

Director, Retail & E-Commerce, Director of Operations
Alpargatas USA/ Havaianas

At Future Stores you’re in control! Get involved in our unique, open-mic, peer-to-peer tables for the best conversations you’ll have all year. Talk about your key challenges and hear how other organizations are overcoming them. After 30 minutes, you’ll rotate tables and tackle a new topic with a new expert host.

1. Real Time Customers Require Real Time Store Operations
Moderator: Brett Friedman, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Reflexis

2. How to bring your merchandising strategy into the omni-channel age
Moderator: Scott McGillivray, Chief Strategy Office, iQmetrix

3. The unfulfilled promise of the on-demand economy
Gary Ambrosino, CEO, Timetrade

4. How to best influence the in-store experience of your franchises, dealers and authorized retailers
Holly Mills, Retail Strategy Integration Manager, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

5. Mass customization benefits and challenges
Moderator: Darren Medina, VP, Store Design, Mod Pizza

6. Fostering associate adoption of mobile devices
Moderator: Carl Chang, Director, Retail Operations-Technology and Tools, Best Buy

7. Designing learning experiences
Moderator: Dean Marshall, Director, Retail Store Operations, LEGO Brand

8. Cracking the social commerce nut to increase footfall

9. Formalizing metrics around your technology investments

10. Self check out trends and challenges

11. Addressing the associate knowledge deficiency gap


Carl Chang

Director, Retail Operations, Technology & Tools
Best Buy


Gary Ambrosino



Brett Friedman

SVP of Global Sales & Marketing


Darren Medina

VP, Store Design
MOD Pizza


Scott McGillivray

Chief Strategy Officer


Nicole Ponzio

Senior Manager, Customer Experience Innovation


Holly Mills

Retail Strategy Integration Manager
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

17:15 - 23:59 End of day two